Become a Legend

A Legend Is Born


Up north, there is always light to guide your way, be it the auroras in winter or the never-setting sun of the arctic summer.

Inspired by the beauty and persistence of this northern light, the knives from Arctic Legend will prove themselves in their quality and reliability, time and again. No matter where your journey takes you, our products are lifetime companions.

Each knife has details that make it unique, be it the pattern of the Finnish curly birch, or the irregular shape of the reindeer horn pommel. A sheath made of sturdy, Finnish leather protects the blade from weather and wear. Handmade in Finnish Lapland, up above the Arctic Circle, our knives are made with knowledge and craftsmanship – the legacy of Finnish knife making history.

Light as a summer day or dark as a winter sky – whichever color you choose, know that you have sheathed a knife not only to be used and cherished but to be passed on and admired as well, for the legend it is destined to become.



All knives have a unique piece of reindeer horn as the pommel and are delivered with a handmade leather sheath. The handle and blade for the products can be chosen as follows:

Bear Knife / Hunter’s Knife / Hobby Knife / Handicraft Knife
Choose between a curly birch handle or a black birch handle, combined with a stainless-steel blade or a black carbon steel blade.

Fillet Knife / Fish Spike / BBQ Stick / Children’s Knife / Mushroom Knife
The metal is stainless-steel. Choose between a curly birch handle or a black birch handle.